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  • What is Degen Distillery?
    Degen Distillery is building the world’s first spirits brand powered by next-gen technology. Founded by an experienced collective of product innovators and talented tech experts, Degen Distillery is co-creating the brand alongside a community of creators, innovators & disruptors, known as the Degeneration - you.
  • What is ORIGO Origins?
    The birth of our story. Our genesis. As with every story, there is a beginning, middle & end. We’re at the beginning of ours and owning an ORIGO Origin gives YOU behind the scenes access to our community (the Degeneration) and your keys to the exclusive ecosystem.
  • How do I buy an ORIGO Origins?
    ORIGO Origins mint is now sold out with a sale price of 0.10Eth. Head to to purchase your ORIGO NFT on the secondary market.
  • When can I mint my ORIGO?
    Mint is SOLD OUT, you can purchase your ORIGO today from Opensea here:
  • When is the ORIGO Origins mint?
    The ORIGO Origin mint is now SOLD OUT.
  • What does the ERC-6551 mean for ORIGO?
    The new token standard ERC-6551 enables NFT's to have their own account/wallet address. Every ORIGO Origin NFT will be permanently tied to an account/wallet to be able to hold any other NFTs inside, including and most importantly all of the future Degen Distillery drops, event passes and much more. This protocol requires NO changes to the original ERC721 contract or any tx from the owners Every NFT will be able to own ETH and other ERC 20, 721, 1155 tokens.
  • How do we join the Degeneration?
    You must hold an ORIGO. With only an extremely limited amount of ORIGOs ever in circulation, being able to purchase one through Opensea -
  • What benefits do I get as a member?
    As a Degen Distillery member you’re entitled to a huge amount of perks & benefits, as well as being at the forefront of the future of brands. Check out the “Benefits” page for more information.
  • What can I look forward to?
    We’ll be announcing a host of global partnerships, exclusive products and opportunities to get involved in so stay tuned. Not only that though, we’re committed to a host of physical & digital events and activations that only members can access.
  • How do we stay up to date?
    The ONLY way to get the news is to join Discord and follow @DegenDistillery on X (Twitter), Instagram and join our mailing list. Nobody from the project will ever DM you first. Be aware of any scams or imitations and check communications come from a real Degen account.
  • What is the cost of the ORIGO Origins mint?
    The ORIGO Origins mint price is 0.1ETH but is unfortunatley now SOLD OUT. You can find Origo Origins for sale on secondary markets on Opensea --->
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