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Degen Distillery x BrewDog 

We're HYPED to be partnering with the masters of alcohol disruption - BrewDog

We've joined forces with the $2 billion behemoths to not only shake up the NFT world, but to co-create the future of the spirits industry

Who are BREWDOG?


The Partnership

- State of the art Distillery in Scotland
- Social media support across and audience of over 1 million 
- Listings in 120 venues across 20 countries. From Las Vegas to Sydney to Shanghai
- Listings on Brewdogs direct to consumer channels 
- A slipstream into major grocery channels 
- Carbon negative production  

And much much more to allow members of the Degeneration to be a part of a revolution that will last 


"Degen Distillery stood out from the very start as a shining example of a disruptive organisation looking to democratise a business model, and utilise groundbreaking new technologies to reach its community.” - Brewdog Co-Founder & CEO James Watt

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