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Joining the Degeneration is by application or invitation only.
Should you be selected to join, you'll step behind the velvet rope & unleash a tidal wave of benefits, and stand at the forefront of a new era of brands.

Are you Degen? ORIGO decides...


721 Vodka

Collector's Edition

With only 721 Collectors Editions ever being produced, will you get your hands on a piece of collectible history? 


Holding your ORIGO Origin entitles you to claim an additional digital collectible that directly represents one of the 721 physical Collector Edition bottles. You can choose to swap the digital collectible for a physical bottle, hold onto the digital version, or sell it to another collector. Choose wisely. 


721 Partnership


Working with global brands across the collectible space & beyond, we've curated and designed a host of limited edition co-branded products that our members will have early and/or exclusive access to. 

Partnership products will be a one-time production run that will never be replicated, instantaneously cementing them as rare collectibles. 


Holding your ORIGO Origins is the only way to guarantee access.


Limited Edition
Artist Editions

What if a bottle was more than just a bottle? What if a bottle was a canvas that allowed leading artists to express themselves and get their work distributed on shelves across the world? 

We've hand-selected some of the best digital & traditional artists on the cutting edge of their domains and partnered with them to design exclusive products for our members, fusing collectibles with art & alcohol in a world first approach to bottle concepts. 


Degen Guestlist +1

All ORIGO Origins holders will be entitled to a +1. More information coming soon... 



Access to Events

Our team has been putting on blockbuster events & festivals alongside internationally renowned artists & tastemakers for over a decade.


Members will have guaranteed access alongside our private community of the best creators, innovators & entrepreneurs.

Be First

Access to Our Next Generation Technology

We're not starting a business. We're starting a revolution. A movement that empowers individuals to own part of the value they create for brands. 


We have been building something that will change the way individuals and groups interact with brands through a pioneering concept called "social distribution". 


A technology backed by some of the biggest technology companies on the planet. And we're allowing you to get in early. 

MemberSHIP Rates

Members Pricing
for Life

Besides co-creating products on shelves across the world, being a member of Degen Distillery entitles YOU to 'member pricing' for life through our online shop as long as you hold an ORIGO Origin. 


ORIGO Origin holders will also have the best member pricing structures in our ecosystem. 



Upgrade Your Digital Identity

In a digital world, your identity plays an important role in your personal brand. We’re allowing our members to upgrade their digital identity by upgrading traits to Degen Distillery branding. Represent the Degeneration without changing your identity.






License Your Intellectual Property

Unlocking value from within our community of ORIGO Origins holders, we've built the structures to allow our members to profit from their creations and collections. 


Do you own any other digital collectibles that would look good on a Degen bottle? We'll pay you a license fee to use it. Ever thought you could design a bottle label? We'll pay you a license fee to use it. Could you produce a music track for a global marketing campaign? We'll pay you a license fee to use it. 


You get the idea. If you own it or create it, you can earn from it by holding an ORIGO Origins. 



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